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Family Hospitality Is Your Partner In Foodservice Success

Families make up a large part of your business. But kids can’t sit still for long, so moms and dads may shorten their stay or cut back on eating out just to avoid the hassle. The result is less loyalty and fewer sales.

But with our innovative, cutting-edge strategies, we can help you keep kids busy and parents happy, so families can relax, stay longer, visit more often, and spend more money at your restaurant.

Family at Dinner
Coloring Book

Effective and Affordable Marketing Services

Why spend a fortune on a big agency with an even bigger overhead, when you can work with an exclusive restaurant marketing firm that knows how to increase repeat visits and customer loyalty without breaking the bank? We use advanced Six Sigma statistical analysis to understand your customers and offer a full range of fun activities, loyalty systems, creative graphics, branding, copywriting, and coordinated premiums that keep kids engaged and happy throughout the meal and beyond.

The Industry’s FIRST Kid’s VIP Loyalty Program

There are plenty of adult loyalty programs, but we’ve created the first turn-key kid’s program available as a service to any restaurant or business. It lets kids earn rewards and helps families save money. And our proven technology generates profitable repeat business. Best of all, it’s easy, already integrated with many point of sale systems, and fully compliant with child privacy laws.

VIP Loyalty Program
Kids Cups and Menus

Fun, Engaging Premiums for Kids

Kids love our Classy Kids cups, placemats, activity books, menus, and other products. And our patented Crayangle triangular “won’t roll off the table” crayons, help entertain kids while strengthening your brand and increasing customer loyalty. In just a few short years, we’ve grown into the largest manufacturer of shaped crayons in the industry. And we’re famous for managing our premium/handout programs with 99.9% order accuracy and on-time delivery.


Family Hospitality
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See How Fun CrayAngle® crayons help everyone enjoy in peace!


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