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​Full Brand Customization

Kidstar provides options guaranteed to bring fun and entertainment to kid’s menus/cups while giving multi-unit organizations the opportunity to brand each item with business name, logo and theme. This helps turn each Kidstar item purchased into a promotional item creating a program sure to make lasting impressions on your clientele.

Industry Experience

With Kidstar as your children’s promotional products provider, you can expect a wide range of marketing support and services that will help keep you ahead of the competition.

Customizable Programs

For clients with multiple locations, we’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your current kids program and develop a program proposal that meets or exceeds your business and marketing objectives. This custom program will be unique to your business and will focus on strengthening and extending your brand experience.​ ​​ ​​

We are a family promotions company and provide our clients with the following:

 Design and production of unique, high play activity placemats and menus for your family entertainment program
 Full access to our creativity experts and product development expertise
 Acclaimed account support that is “best in class” (See our testimonials!)
 Continuous access to business building ideas, competitive information and industry and consumer trends
 Warehousing of your products and or partnership with your Broadline distributor to fulfill your distribution needs nationwide

Kidstar captures the essences of our client’s brand through thoughtful design that kids love and connect to. Our artists create ground-breaking and original concepts that are kid-smart and kid-centric. Creating these concepts is a combination of fantastic designs, entertaining games and engaging characters with a complete understanding of the target audience.

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