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3-colors-in-1 CrayAngle Tri-Color Crayons


SKU: 1T1Y(500)

Our proprietary Tri-Color CrayAngle® Triangular Crayons come 500 per case. This single crayon does the work of a three or four pack as there is a different color on each apex - or use the tip to swirl colors together! Featuring Red, Blue and Yellow the Tri-Color can create every color in the rainbow! Make the kids say WOW! Everyone's happier with triangular crayons in hand!

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    CrayAngle® triangular crayons do not roll off the table! Also, ergonomic and easy to hold. Keep kids engaged and entertained so everyone can enjoy the experience more. Includes 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow) in one crayon stick. Patented and trademar

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    See How Fun CrayAngle® crayons help everyone enjoy in peace!


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